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Classic C G Pettersson wooden boat. Total renovation.

So This is how it is all started. We saw it on the internet and my wife got as her birthday present.
This boat is made by C G Pettersson, in around( year, that what paper says) 1930.
The boat is in CGP Sällskapet(CGP Society)
Previos name of the boat  "SYLGIT" and home port was Backanäs situated between Sundborn and Svärdsjö.
So we receive boat in the fall and we leave it in Sweden for the winter, cos we had no idea what to do with it. ))

In the middle of the winter we came and made proper stands

And in the begining summer of 2011 we bring it to her new home town TALLINN.
 this is the accessories we got ))

 Happy new owner's husband

Down below you will see what was happening at VÄTTA PUIT Vätta Puit Boat Restoration

PART 2!!!!

The fuel tanks renovated by Anton Suvorov, And motor also.

So, at the begining of the project we thought that the name of the boat will be ELEONOR, but the time has pass and we wondered.... maybe it's better with the old name... Sylgit- we don't actually know what it means, and maybe you guys can help us out. there is one thing that I found @sylgy- float (in the air)@

Some modern equipment...
The crew.

LIBE, LIBEeeee, Amoreeee, amoooreeeeee!

I Forgot to show you how glass cylinders for ship lights was restored!
It came like this
There were no white glass inside? so we had to make it custom. Thanks to Eili Soon( glass artist)

And now we off to Saaremaa. To put SYLGIT in to the water!!!!

  So we came to Saaremaa and Sylgit was... Just  perfect!

 The day after was SYLGIT's rebirth( I really don't know is there such a word?)

 The carpenters( boat bilders)! Guys did such a great job!!! THANKS!

 Putting Vätta Puit flag was not easy
 Raino sacrificed his shoe lace ;)


 Old motors need beer too ;)

 And this how we wait for Sylgit in Tallinn harbor(Pirita)
 It took for them 15 hours and 200 liters of gasoline to float from Saaremaa to Tallinn.

And This was a story of a one boat. She is now 80 y.o. 

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